Construction Project Management Services

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We will assist you to run single or and multiple construction sites.


A. Manage the total Project Life cycle

B. Develop a cost-effective plan and schedule for completion of projects following a logical pattern for utilization of resources.

C. Tracks and controls construction schedule and associated costs to achieve completion of project within time and monies allocated.

D. Oversees Project support activities, such as quality assurance, configuration control, project interface, environmental mitigation monitoring, systems integration, property and right-of-way acquisition, administration of interagency agreements, contracts administration and procurement, community relations, and management and administrative services support.

E. Monitors the budget and schedule performance, implements cost and schedule control procedures and implements elements of the quality assurance program.

F. Reports to clients about progress and any necessary modifications of plans.

G. Builds good relationships between client, consultants and construction teams.

H. Manages and coordinates the completion of all required project documentation and reporting within specified deadlines, including: Minutes, Progress Reports, Management reports, Quality Reports, Monthly reports.

I. Responsible for proper administration of construction contracts and for obtaining all necessary permits and licenses.

J. Timely communication of project status and issues, and maintains technical and administrative control for projects.

K. Management of project deliverables to achieve within cost, quality and time constraints.

L. Management of projects to ensure user acceptance.

M. Regular contact with the clients, callers, visitors and external service providers to ensure high levels of service and efficiency with all stakeholders.


Many more.


Let us assist you with your Construction Projects( Any; Civil, Electrical, Buildings etc)

We operate in mainly engineering related contracts in the built environment as well as roads, buildings, water and related infrastructure. We are highly flexible and adaptable to suit any client's unique requirement. 

We can be deployed on a fixed fee basis or on a retainer basis to cover perhaps any inhouse skills gap that may exist within client bodies.


We can do short term as well as long term advisory support service. We can accommodate working inside the client's environment for any skills transfer or resource integration service. We remain at your service, and there is no job big or small.

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