By JB Nartey · Apr 22, 2021

Remote Team Recruitment & Selection Process 

  • Have a robust remote team hiring process.
  • One wrong hire can drive the newly remote/virtual team to the ground. 
  • Hire persons you can really trust to deliver without being micro-managed or watched.  
  • Hire great talent or a rock star. 

Remote Team Recruitment & Selection Source 

  • Look beyond the traditional sources and check places where people meet to bounce off ideas eg LinkedIn, GitHub, Kaggle, Dribble, Behance etc 
  • Outsource as much as possible 

Remote Team Recruitment & Selection Criteria

This must include the ff;

  • Role fitness; remote team player attributes and remote team fitness in terms of remote team culture/values 
  • Remote Team member attributes 
  • Remote team player good attributes; Experts in their fields,Work without supervision, self-motivated, interpersonal(listening)skills, results-oriented 

Remote Team On-boarding System 

  • • Remote Team on-boarding system that provides clarity on the nature of the job, project/team objectives and timelines, team culture & values, communication structure and standards accommodative of time zone differences if an
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