By JB Nartey · Jul 20, 2020


Team “Ground” Rules/Charter/Norms/Culture-Written/Unwritten

•Helps eliminate conflicts or problems

•Team effort in creating the ground rules. Consensus Building. They are likely to follow them.

•Ground rules are most important for virtual/Remote teams or cross-functional teams

•Ground Rules should not be frivolous or too stringent

•Establish ground rules that bothers on the ff;

  • •Communication
  • •Conflict Resolution
  • •Difficulties/Challenges
  • •Meetings
  • •Attendance
  • •Authorization
  • •Emergency Situations
  • •Changes to team members
  • Leave of absence
  • Decision Making
  • Etc

•What if the ground rules conflicts with the overall project parent organization’s HR policies and procedures?

Request for a waiver from the project parent organisation’s HR policies and procedures

How to handle ground rule breakers  

•First time

  • •Be Apathetic- Gain an understanding of why the ground rule is always broken by the team member and see how well you can help alleviate the problem

•Second Time 

  • •Try and explain to the team the importance of his role and how his behavior is affecting the team performance


  • •Issue a warning to the team member or have a difficult conversation with the team member about his behaviour

•Lastly you report to HR to take over


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